Footprints on My Heart in book form!

As of this week, my miscarriage memoir, Footprints on My Heart, has finally been published and is now available in eBook format via Kindle and Lulu, Inc. (epub format compatible with Nook and iBooks). There are a few formatting errors and some other general problems (like with the sample/preview–it is totally wonky–and with the lettering on the cover), but guess what, it is DONE, it available, and it is out there. I’m really, really excited about it and I feel this huge sense of relief. I still want to write my Empowered Miscarriage book someday, but for now, this memoir is what I had in me and it will have to do for the time being. I realized after Alaina was born and was, in a sense, the happy “ending” to my Noah story, that in writing this blog about miscarriage and pregnancy after loss I had actually ended up writing most of a book. So, the bulk of the book is drawn from this blog and from my birth blog as well (for the pregnancy after loss content). I also included an appendix of resource information/additional thoughts that is fresh.

I’ve felt haunted by the desire to publish this for the entire last year. It took a surprising amount of work, as well as emotional energy, to prepare for publication, even though I actually did most of the actual writing via blog in 2010. Now that it is ready, I just feel lighter somehow and have this really potent sense of relief and ease, as if this was my final task. My final act of tribute. My remaining “to do” in the grief process.

If anyone really, really, really wants it and cannot afford the $3.99 for which I priced it, I do have it available as a pdf file, a mobi file, and an epub file and I will be happy to email it to you in one of those formats.


2 responses to “Footprints on My Heart in book form!

  1. I have just had a miscarriage at 17 half weeks, 8 days ago. It was a natural miscarriage where my body went into contractions and very quickly delivered the baby within a matter of hours. I did go to the hosptal as I was hoping it could be avoided. I had experienced bleeding/spotting in the 2 weeks before and had had 3 scans and all was well (8 days early I had seen him moving around) My baby was bigger than my hand and perfectly adoriable I dont think there was anything wrong with him (Henry) we are having him cremated today. I dont know why it happened, I am having a hard time now even imagining I was pregnant, but I was for 4 months. This was our first pregancy conceieved by IVF. I have an over whelming desire to be preganany again I am still having syptoms of my pregnancy.

    I go through fazes of feeling emptiness and loss then numb, when looking at his little coffin yesterday I did not cry, it didnt seem real, I cant really beleive it.
    Thanks for sharing your story

    • I’m so sorry about your little Henry! He sounds perfect. This is such a long, long road. I remain stunned by the impact of Noah on my life and the depth of his legacy. It has been two and half years now and I still think about him, and his birth, every day. It lasts forever. Best wishes on your own journey. Henry’s life, death, and birth all matter. Take as much time as you need and let the pain hurt. (((hugs))) and best wishes to you.

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