Not Forgotten!

From Grandma C

Last week, my in-laws visited. They brought various presents for the kids and while I was alone with my mother-in-law, she said she had a difficult subject to bring up. I got a little nervous about this, but then what she said was that she had brought something she made for Noah and she wasn’t sure if I would want it or not, or whether it was okay to mention it to me. She said she felt like they hadn’t acknowledged him and she wanted to see where we had buried him and to put her gift out there. I was incredibly touched. When we called her in November 2009 to tell her what had happened, we got a sort of, “it could always be worse” type of remark and I felt like my experience and his life were then ignored from that point forward. It meant a great deal to me to know that she didn’t forget about him and that she “saw” and recognized our family’s loss.

3 responses to “Not Forgotten!

  1. Wow, Molly – how beautiful, & touching. Thx so much for sharing this, and big hugs xx

  2. I commented awhile back. I too lost a little boy in my second trimester.

    I am so glad to see your MIL remember Noah. It is so hard when you want the whole world to acknowledge your child existed, but sadly many do not.
    BTW, congratulations on your new little addition to your family.

  3. Your post made me cry. I have lost quite a few babies … the most recent just this past February.It is always a blessing when people acknowledge our little ones. I am sorry you have lost a child. A parent should never have to know that kind of heartache!!!

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