A Noah Bell

I just returned from an annual craft workshop I attend with my family. On Wednesday evening, they have an auction as a fundraiser. In the auction was a “Noah Bell”—a special bell handmade in India that has a distinctive melodic, echoing chime. This particular bell at the auction had a strap woven by one of the workshop instructors. As soon as I saw the bell, I knew I had to have it. I decided I would go up to $50 on it. The bidding went up to $36 and I was getting a little stressed that I wouldn’t win it after all, but it stopped at $36 and I did win it. When they handed it to me, I burst into tears and had quite a bit of trouble stopping crying. I was sitting in the first row and so not very many people could see me, but I think I made the “auctioneer” and the people helping him a little confused! (she won it though, so why is she crying? And, it is only a bell, what’s the big deal?)

I love it and I’m trying to decide where to hang it up. I am thinking about the inner side of one of the posts on our back deck.


One response to “A Noah Bell

  1. It’s not “only a bell”. I understand. I’ve lost several little ones, and these sorts of providential momentos and gifts are something like signs, encouragements, comforts. I’m happy for you.

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