Miscarriages are Birth!

I have shared several times before the quote I find meaningful that starts with “miscarriages are labor, miscarriages are birth.” The book Wild Feminine also says, “though it is not always recognized as such, miscarriage is a birth event.” This is one of my “pet” subtopics within the wide range of reading about miscarriage and quotes that respect the birth-miscarriage relationship always catch my attention.

From the book Miscarriage: Women’s Experiences and Needs by Christine Moulder….Quoting a woman: “Although I had a miscarriage technically, I don’t feel this. I went through labour. It was incredibly painful but my husband was with me and it was almost a happy occasion.”

And then later in that section, the author says:

“With the exception of women who have a late missed [miscarriage] there will be a baby that has to be born. The baby may or may not have died prior to the miscarriage. As with full-term birth, the waters must break, there will be pains and contractions and the cervix must dilate for the baby to leave the womb. Of course the baby will be smaller, in some cases much smaller, but it is essentially the same process and this comes as a great shock to many women.”

And this is absolutely true, but also not something that is mentioned in very many miscarriage books.


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