Courage Ritual for Miscarriage/Mizuko Ceremony

Here are two readings that I plan to do as part of a “courage” ritual for an upcoming ceremony (I am using them for a miscarriage/mizuko ceremony that we are having shortly after my due date with Noah, but I think they would also work well for a mother blessing ceremony/blessingway). We are going to plant a tulip tree purchased with the gift certificate my church bought for us for that purpose. Under the tulip tree I am going to bury the embryo from my second miscarriage as well as the hospital bracelet from when I went to the ER post-Noah because of blood loss. My purposes/goals for this ceremony are:

1. Psychically “close out” Noah’s pregnancy

2. Briefly acknowledge/say goodbye to nearly ignored tiny fourth baby

3. Let go of body doubt/mistrust

4. Heal/let go/process the ER/placenta issue + accompanying “near death”-type feeling/experience

Since it is also my birthday, my other goal is to HAVE FUN and to enjoy the company of my friends 🙂 I want to be fairly light on ceremony and heavy on fun, but I also feel like I want to do something to mark this passage and the close of my “pregnancy” with Noah.

Courage Ritual:

(write down fears and burn them)

Friends gather in circle and say:

We accept that you have fears

You are not your fears

You are now cleansed and renewed

Go forward with courage at your side.


The Return:

Celebrate the heroine, honor the heroine

Wise woman, strong woman

Life-giving woman

Woman of spirit

Woman of power

Woman of peace

All hail, all honor

Blessed be


2 responses to “Courage Ritual for Miscarriage/Mizuko Ceremony

  1. I must say it’s very handy to have this neatly posted here!

  2. Sounds lovely, Molly, and very honouring of the enormity of your experience. Wishing you all the best for this next stage of the healing process.

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