Art Therapy

Well, not really, but my three year old has been drawing a LOT lately. He went from scribbles to people with heads, bodies, arms, legs, eyes, mouths, hair, and ears in about two weeks. Favorite place to draw is on a magnadoodle though, so unfortunately for me, it all gets whisked away and I don’t get to keep any of these cute drawings!

On Thursday, he drew the following and I took a picture of it quickly. It is me with the baby in my tummy and then Z (the three year old) standing next to me.

Bittersweet. I should be 20 weeks pregnant right now. It is only recently that the memory and visceral feeling of being pregnant has started to fade for me. The non-pregnant me is fully sinking in as my reality now and the pregnant me seems distant again. It took a couple of weeks for me to accept being non-pregnant, so soon after I’d started to settle into the rhythm and reality of being one of the “pregnant ones.”


One response to “Art Therapy

  1. Love it!! It was so cute when Hunter went from the blobs to the actual people with arms, legs, etc. He liked the magnadoodle too, so I tried to hurry and take pictures like you did!
    I love the drawing you posted, so cute!!!

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