Pregnancy Pictures

I know that some people don’t take many pictures while pregnant, but I tend to be one of those who likes a belly picture taken every months or so. I only had two pictures taken when I was pregnant with Noah and I’m really glad I have them. I have read on other blogs, etc. that in pregnancies following loss, a lot of women choose not to take pictures until they are sure the baby is going to “stick.” I would definitely choose to take them regardless, because I am very grateful to have some visual reminders that yes, I WAS pregnant and with a very real baby.

Taken at about 6 weeks pregnant (I’m in my bathing suit, not underwear!):

And at about 12 weeks pregnant–see, I had a little bump 🙂

I asked Mark to take a post-miscarriage picture too, because I wanted to remember how pale I was (I’ve never seen myself so pale) and how the circles around my eyes looked (they don’t show up in the picture really though). This was 3 days later.


2 responses to “Pregnancy Pictures

  1. Oh, Molly, those pictures made me cry. I’m so glad I took some pictures while pregnant too. Sometimes it feels like that will be the only proof I had that there is a baby in there.
    I totally know that look too–the one when the baby is gone. Jevon says he has never seen circles under my eyes like the ones I had the day I found out our baby had died.
    Thank you SO much for creating this blog.

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