Why This Blog?

I’ve been blogging about birth for several years now and the time has come for me to give birth to a new blog. I will still be maintaining my other blogs, but I have a new-but-related-subject I wish to write about in a separate space. My Talk Birth blog is also my business website (for childbirth education classes) and though I keep thinking of things to write about there, I also feel a strong and persistent urge to keep some of my sharing in a separate, more personal, less professional spot.

I am a writer by nature and I have many things I’d like to share, say, and explore about my third pregnancy which ended in miscarriage at 14 weeks. I kept hesitating to let the words come on my other blog though, because it didn’t feel like the right place. Writing is healing for me–it helps me process, to learn, and to work through my emotions and thoughts. I HAVE to do it. I’m compelled. I will continue to write about birth and childbirth education on my other blogs and I’m not keeping the two—experiences or blogs—“secret” from each other. There will be overlap and shared links, I’m sure. I’ve just realized that if I’m going to be able to share openly in the way that I wish to, I must separate my miscarriage/grief posts from business website/blog. And, I need for only those who are specifically interested to read them—rather than being “forced” to read these posts on my other blogs or feeling like I’m “dwelling” too much. I need to separate them too so that I don’t feel as if I’m continuing to ask my friends, my Facebook “fans,” blog readers, and clients to show sympathy for me or try to bolster my self-esteem by telling me how “great” I am (;-D) or having to continue to reassure me. I have really appreciated the supportive comments on Facebook, but I almost feel like my “pass” on telling my story is “expiring” to the average person and I’d rather that they only read what I continue to need to say about this of their own free will, rather than having it piped into their Facebook feed. Why not just write in my journal then? (Indeed, I did write 19 pages in my journal about this birth/miscarriage.) Because, most of the time when I write, I write to share—“gathering and sharing information” is part of my life purpose andwriting and sharing about this miscarriage experience is no different than my desire to share other birth information and experiences.


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